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I remember it like it was yesterday, May 2008; I had graduated, ready to take over the world. The goal; To be a famous film director who had one box office hit and one box office flop. Failure keeps you humble and motivated. 


So, the journey begun. Back-to-back internships, work experience opportunities and loads of unpaid, unnecessary hours of labour all for the love of being creative and believing. I wasn’t just put on this earth to pay bills and die! I had hope that eventually the features, the shorts, the corporate jobs, the 9-5 and the random 1st AD interview at the bus stop would eventually pay off. What can I say? I was working harder, not smarter.


Looking back, what I needed at the time was someone to provide me with the knowledge, advice, and guidance I needed to flourish in this industry and let me know this industry is for someone like me. You will be surprised at the number of times I was told it wasn’t.  

Meet your Trainer: A qualified L3 media and employability skills trainer, with over a decade of experience, working across film and TV production, lecturing, programme management and more recently commissioning. 

I’m no stranger to the highs and lows of the creative journey, so believe me when I say I get it! Now, I want to use my skills, knowledge, and experiences to empower creatives like you, to go out, take control and develop your network, so you can have a successful and healthy career within the creative industries. 


Organisations, I have worked with include Integrate UK, Silver Music Entertainment, BBC 1xtra, Netflix, The Barbican, Ravensbourne University, Film London, TV Jobs UK and North Kent College.


Past students I have worked with have secured job opportunities with ITV, Hulu, BBC and the BFI.

Ready to begin? Scroll below to find out about my services. 


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