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Hi John – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Jordan Pitt and Sinitta Monero:

Like clockwork, John takes the train home after a long day of business in his hometown of London. During his usual routine of checking voicemails, it's revealed that John's life is a chaotic mix of quick decisions and avoidance. John juggles listening to messages while trying to shake the incessant calls from an unknown caller who is desperate for his attention. He finally gives in and answers one of the calls, realising it's his wife Rita who he does not want to speak to and he cuts the call short. More calls come in and expecting Rita again it's instead his mistress Sasha. He takes a very different tone with her, but she too is giving him stress. But her call is soon cut short by what seems to be an attack by an intruder. John on high alert, rushes to her aid. Upon entering her home, he stumbles upon her dead body and is now surprisingly face to face with an unexpected visitor - his wife Rita.

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